The following policies have been established to maintain a well-organized studio with a minimum of misunderstandings between Mr. Peskey and the parents of his students:

The studio operates on the Billings Public Schools Calendar parents are given a copy of this calendar at the beginning of the school year (August).
The Studio’s school year is comprised of two semesters, each having two 9 week quarters.
Payment for the entire 9 weeks is due the first week of each 9 week quartet.  
Fees are as follows: $30.00 for 30 minutes x 9 = $270.00 and $60.00 for 60 minutes x 9 =  $540.00.
1.   If the bank returns a check, the parents of the student or the adult student will be charged a $35.00 fee. If paying by cash please have the exact amount. I don’t have change. If lessons are terminated before the end of the semester, payment will not be
reimbursed.  *Parents may opt for a monthly plan.  Payment for the number of lessons due at the first lesson.*
2.  All lessons that Mr. Peskey cancels must be made up.  If, due to time constraints the lessons can’t be made up, either a refund will be made or a credit will be applied to the next month’s charges.  
3.  All lessons that the student misses, for any reason, will not be made up.   If you miss a lesson, you have forfeited that lesson time.  However, parents have the option of trading with another student if they arrange the change on their own, and with the approval of Mr. Peskey. 
4.  If a student comes late to a lesson, the missed time will not be made up at the end of the lesson.  The student following has a right for his/her lesson to begin on time.
5.  Lessons are at Kirk’s House of Music.   

Parent/student    Date
Mr. John Peskey    Date

Cell: 406-533-5578